2020 has been a very interesting year for all of us, and definitely in scouting!  

Troop 631 took a pause from in-person meetings during the height of quarantine by conducting meetings digitally.  By May 2020, when we were allowed to meet as a group again, we began meeting outdoors and maintaining social distance.  By fall, we began to meet indoors again, but with some minor changes for the safety of our scouts and families.  We are proud to say that we were able to remain active, and see our boys advance in rank and earn merit badges through it all.  Our smaller group campouts have brought our troop closer together, and made us stronger.

Following the latest CDC and State of Florida Guidelines, this is how we are continuing to protect our scouts:

1. If any member of a scout's family is sick or running a fever, that scout will stay home.

2. We conduct temperature checks of all in attendance at meetings and activities.

3. We keep hand sanitizer available for scouts and encourage scouts to bring their own.

4. Scouts are encouraged to wear masks on roadside stops or in highly trafficked public places.

5. Scouts may choose to tent individually at this time.